5 Things To Consider When Interviewing a Wedding Officiant

When it comes to planning a wedding, selecting the proper wedding officiant is important to the overall success of your wedding day.  Even if you are only planning a small ceremony for family and friends, it is always good to have a conversation with your officiant prior to exchanging vows.  I will touch on a few basic topics you may want to consider when choosing and having a discussion with potential officiants.

1. Can I customize the ceremony?

Discuss with the officiant the type of wedding you want, the more specific the better.   Would you like it to be a religious wedding, or laid back and informal.  Communicating your desires will help you eliminate any potential officiants who cannot meet your desired request.

If you’re looking to have a quick and efficient ceremony discuss your expected time parameters.  Most officiants are able to accommodate a couples request on time as they have various ceremonies that they can perform to meet the couple’s needs.

2. How much do you charge?

Make sure that your wedding officiant is aware of what you are trying to do, so that you can get an accurate quote.  Most officiants will ask questions to help determine the type of wedding you are going for and how much they would charge.

3. Are you flexible?

You never know what last minute hiccups may cause you to make different arrangements, therefore you want to have an idea of your officiant’s flexibility.  Do they honor the initial price agreed upon, or will there be fees for changes made?  In case of emergency for the officiant, do they have a backup? 

4. Will you help us obtain our marriage license?

Once filling out the paperwork most officiants will assist you in filing with the county clerk’s office.  Find out if your officiant handles this duty or if it would be up to you.  Different counties have different parameters, check with your specific county to see their rules and guidelines for obtaining a copy of your certificate.

5. Does the officiant make you comfortable?

Be sure you like and respect your officiant – and that the feeling is mutual.  You should be able to talk to your wedding officiant prior to the wedding whenever you have any questions or concerns regarding your upcoming nuptials, as they are there to assist in making sure things go smoothly.

Calling any potential officiants and having a quick 5 minute conversation can give you the necessary information you need when considering officiants as well as establishing your own comfort level with the officiant.